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This looks eerily familiar...

Welcome to the sister site of THE OFFICE TIME MACHINE!

Those same guys?

Yes. Joe Sabia and Aaron Rasmussen built this.

What the hell?

While spending 1.5 years finding over 1,300 cultural references for the Time Machine, Joe also scoured for every single time a character stares at the camera and says nothing. Then he worked with Aaron to figure out the most interesting way to turn those stares into an interactive experience.

Wanting to keep the immersion of the Time Machine, they manually coded every stare into emotions, then indexed them in a searchable Stare Machine for your viewing pleasure.

How many are there?

706 stares.

What happens if I endure 706 stares?

You get a secret, epic, and beautifully crafted surprise video.

What is the meaning of this?

Initially, they didn’t think anything of it. But then articles were serendipitously popping up about how facial emotion research broke some new ground recently. After staring at 706 stares, they realized every character from The Office was so perfectly displaying every range of human emotion possible.

So, this is for Science! Consider this an impromptu psychology test.

Did you notice any patterns?

Yes, in fact, we made some awards you can give to the various members of the cast based on those patterns. Maybe if we send enough, they’ll retweet!

How do I find out when you guys do a new machine or thing?

What was the process?

Insane. Joe almost went mad finding every stare at the camera. And then with Aaron they devised the most hilariously intricate and fun system to map these words. It’s been a wild ride.

That’s what she said.

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