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What is this?

The Office Stare Machine showcases every single time a character speechlessly breaks the 4th wall and stares at the camera. It then indexes those stares into an interactive machine encompassing the full range of human emotional expression.

Who made this?

Joe Sabia spent 1.5 years finding every single stare and worked with Aaron Rasmussen to manually code each stare into over 800 different emotions in a complexly architected system.

It looks familiar

It is the sister site of THE OFFICE TIME MACHINE which takes the 1,300 cultural references made and places them in an interactive time machine.

What happens if I endure all 706 stares?

You get a secret, epic, and beautifully crafted surprise video.

Is there a deep meaning to this?

This was inspired by facial emotion research breakthroughs. This project seeks to explore the many nuances of visual expression through the beloved familiarity of our favorite office-dwelling TV icons.

Consider this an intricate psychology test.

Did you notice any patterns?

Yes, in fact, we made some awards you can give to the various members of the cast based on those patterns. Maybe if we send enough, they’ll retweet.

What a wild ride.

That’s what she said.

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